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Hello, I am Dave

Visual artist based in Singapore. 

Dave Lim (b. 1994) is concerned with temporary landscapes of all kinds- the ones that surround us, the ones that we participate in and the ones we imagine and create. This informs multiple ongoing works of his, namely Be Careful (2017-), Constructing Futures (2018-) and Tucked In  (2018-). Completed works include An Obligation to be Homesick (2017), Can I Bring The Sunlight into My Room (2017).

He is concerned about the humour and relief that photography and visuals bring to us; and consistently uses that as an entry point into his work. Coming from a photojournalistic and research background, most of the work reflects greater conceptual concerns with regards to urban development and the position of the human body in the change in our living environments. 

He is a final year student at Yale-NUS pursuing Urban Studies as his major. He has done a residency in School of Visual Arts, New York in the Summer of 2017 and won the merit prize at the Singapore Young Photographer Award in 2018.

For other enquiries please email him at davelim@u.yale-nus.edu.sg

Commercial Portfolio